Listen out for the air raid sirens

Here at FootballScores Towers, we’re watching the news, waiting for the declaration of war from North Korea.

Listen out for the air raid sirens

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July 26th, 2012

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The London “credit card flogging, Powerade drinking, BMW driving, no chip selling (unless it’s with fish)” Games got underway yesterday with the women’s football – and a good result for Great Britain against New Zealand was overshadowed by a bit of a fiasco over in Glasgow.

In case you’ve missed it, the game between North Korea and Colombia was delayed for about half an hour because the flag of South Korea was used to introduce the North Korean players.

Now, the organisers couldn’t have chosen two more inappropriate flags to get muddled up. Communist DPR Korea have technically been at war with their neighbour to the South since the 1950-53 Korean conflict, which ended in an armistice. In the 2000 games, the two nations did compete under a unified Korean flag, but they’ve spend much of the time since then sinking each other’s ships and chucking missiles over the fence at each other.

Of course, organisers have tried to play down the whole thing, saying that there was no harm done, whilst David Cameron harrumphed that this was a “people’s Olympics, not a government Olympics”, without the slightest bit or irony.

The North Koreans, unsurprisingly, didn’t see it that way. For them, being associated with the South Korean flag isn’t going to go down particularly well when their plane touches down in Pyongyang, so their departure from the field wasn’t so much a case of just ‘kicking up a fuss’ but more ‘fearing for their lives and their family’.

Look out for further gaffes tonight as Great Britain’s men take on Senegal.

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