Keeper strikes TV camera…. Twice

A football hitting an overhead object? Not that strange an occurrence. There is plenty of footage on a certain internet video hosting site showing footballs hitting overhead scoreboards or cameras. But this one is a little odd.

Keeper strikes TV camera…. Twice

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April 5th, 2012

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An Asian Champions League clash between Abu Dhabi side Al-Jazira and Iranian club Esteghlal was held up after Al-Jazira keeper Ali Khaseif struck a ‘sky camera’ suspended above the pitch – twice in the space of 20 seconds.

Khaseif stuck the camera initially from a kicked clearance, resulting in the referee halting the game for a bounce up. Unfortunately, the days of properly contested bounce-ups and long gone and Esteghlal sportingly kicked the ball back to Khaseif in the Al Jazira goal – who then repeated the feat and struck the very same camera.

Given that the 30-inch-wide camera was almost 50 yards away from him and some 100ft above the playing surface, that really is some achievement.

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