– Because strange ramblings on Twitter just weren’t enough

If there are two things that don’t mix, it’s Joey Barton and the internet, so you can just imagine what fresh hell can be found at the newly launched – Because strange ramblings on Twitter just weren’t enough

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July 25th, 2012

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Mr Barton has developed something of a reputation for himself. On the pitch, he’s a talented player but also a disciplinary liability. Off the pitch, he’s someone who a judge decided couldn’t behave in a civilised manner and on the internet, he’s just a bit nuts – as evidenced by his Twitter account.

And so to, a site seemingly set-up to convince the world that Joey Barton is actually a nice, intelligent guy and that actually, everything he does is all everybody else’s fault.

“It would be great to wave a magic wand and know everything about everything but I don’t, I’m on a journey,” he waffles in an interview with himself on the site, speaking specifically about his on-going attempts to control his anger.

Barton also deals with such trivialities as stubbing out a cigarette in someone’s eye and fighting with teammates, which he quickly makes excuses for:

“There was the Jamie Tandy and the cigar incident (bit pissed and I honestly wasn’t going for his eye), the Everton fan in Thailand (He ran up and slapped me in a hotel bar at three in the morning, how was I to know he was only 15?) and then the fight at the training ground with Dabo. Obviously there’s been a lot said about that, but the truth as I see it is that he threw a punch at me and I responded. It was a bit of a daft thing to do, but where I’m from, if someone hits you, you hit back.”

And then there is ‘that’ incident in Liverpool which saw him spend 77 days at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. Apparently, it was all the media’s fault.

Anyway, go forth and enjoy

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