How to make football more exciting

Fresh from bringing you the best of football-related television entertainment from Japan, we’re now bringing you the best in football related entertainment from Norway.

How to make football more exciting

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January 23rd, 2012

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The Norwegian TV show ‘Golden Goal’ has come up with a great new concept called bubble football, where players play the game wearing giant inflatable bubbles.

The upshot is that physical contact is not only allowed, but downright insisted upon and also hilarious. It also removes any excuses that players may have for rolling around on the floor at the slightest bit of contact – they are in a giant bubble after all.

Here, professional teams Fredrikstad and Sarpsborg 08 take part in the inaugural match.

In case you were wondering, Golden Goal was the same show that also came up with this fantastic idea to try and play football whilst electrocuting former Scandinavian Premier League legends like Lars Bohinen, Claus Lundekvam, Thomas Myhre and Jan Åge Fjørtoft.

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