Wolves boss shows angry face to Twitter spoof

Mick McCarthy hates it. Leeds United players were recently banned from it and Wayne Rooney tried to arrange a fight on it. Yep, Twitter and the antics of various footballers on it is definitely providing plenty of discussion.

Wolves boss shows angry face to Twitter spoof

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August 1st, 2011

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Mick McCarthy is the latest football personality (although we use the term very loosely in Mick’s case) to tut his disapproval at the micro-blogging platform after an unknown prankster created a spoof profile and proceeded to build up a bit of a following. There were clearly fans who wanted McCarthy’s dulcet Yorkshire tones far more often but unfortunately, they weren’t the work of the Wolves manager.

In fact, Mick has gone and suggested that said prankster should have his own hashtag, although the word isn’t really suitable for family audiences.

McCarthy told Mirror Football: “I think c**k is appropriate for someone who impersonates me on Twitter.

“The only one who can impersonate me is Alistair McGowan. He does it better than me. He is quality.”

McCarthy has never been a fan of Twitter, especially when ex-player Greg Halford blabbed about prospective signing Steve Sidwell loitering around Molineux, only for Fulham to up their game and nab the midfielder.

McCarthy’s rant comes barely more than a week after Leeds United issued a blanket ban on their players using Twitter when striker Davide Somma told the world about his lengthy injury lay-off before he told manager Simon Grayson. But despite the bans, there are still some football personalities (and some imposters) worthy of your follow:

Robbie Savage (@RobbieSavage8)

We like Robbie Savage. Sure, he might not be everybody’s cup of tea but he’s a no-nonsense, say what you see type of player who actually seems to have a personality. Robbie doesn’t bother with the usual media-trained platitudes and tedium – he’s definitely worth a follow.

notBigSam (@TheBig_Sam)

After starting life as ‘The Big Sam’ this spoof Twitter profile was massively popular with Tweeters but, unfortunately, the actual Big Sam didn’t agree. After Allardyce complained, the account was shut down but an internet campaign to get it reinstated saw Big Sam back and tweeting. If only life at West Ham was actually how he said it was.

Kai Wayne (@KaiWayne)

He might be less than a year old, but we think that Kai Rooney (or whoever is actually tapping away at the keyboard) is much more eloquent than his old man. Oh, and there’s the customary Shrek profile picture.

Mick McCarthy (@StuffMickSays)

We’ll finish with the aforementioned Mick McCarthy spoof. How can you not like someone who likes “Yorkshire Tea, ferrets, flatcaps and putting in a shift”?

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