When the chips are down

It seems that all is not quite so rosy up at Eastlands, despite the club being top of the Premier League, undefeated in the league and a team of Glacticos entertaining the supporters. No, we’re not talking about their record losses of £197m, we’re talking about something much more worrying.

When the chips are down

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November 21st, 2011

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It was just before half-time, with City already 2-0 up against also-unbeaten Newcastle, that the announcement came out.

“We are very sorry, but there are no chips available in the concourse at half-time today,” read the tannoy announcer, followed by a message on the scoreboards at the Etihad Stadium announcing that “Due to unforeseen circumstances, there are no chips available during half-time.”

We’ve yet to confirm whether ‘Chipgate’ is the result of financial cut-backs following the announcement of City’s financial figures, or part of Carlos Tevez’s dastardly plans to bring the club down from the inside, but the fans seemed to take the heart-breaking news in good humour.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: ‘No chips at the Man City game ….. Apparently they were in the kitchen but refused to warm up!

Another added: ‘What do you get the club that has everything? A deep-fat fryer.’

The mood would have been lightened – among the home supporters at least – by City’s win, although the fans still indulged in some light-hearted banter.

Chanting in the second half included such gems from the City faithful towards their Newcastle contemporaries as: ‘You ate all our chips, you ate all our chips, you fat b*******, you fat b******* – you ate all our chips!’

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