Wenger signs for Arsenal until 2017

All you Gunners fans who were never worried that Arsène Wenger might leave his cushy role at Arsenal can continue not to fret – pen has been put to paper on a deal that would keep him at the club for the next three years.

Wenger signs for Arsenal until 2017

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May 30th, 2014

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The 64-year old signed a new deal which, all being well, will take Wenger through his 20th year in charge of the FA Cup winners. I say ‘all being well’ because there’s little reason to think that Wenger could be shown the door after ending a nine-year trophy drought, especially one which started and ended with the same cup competition.

The mastermind behind The Invincibles is rumoured to have turned down a raise on his £7.5 million per year contract – a nice gesture in this money-grabbing game considering that’s plenty enough already.

With that not entirely tense contract standoff over, Wenger and the fans can get back to focusing on the usual aim of a concerted campaign in Europe – and going one better than their 2006 final defeat.

On Wenger’s signing the new contract the most patient man in football, Arsenal owner Stan Kroenke, said “[s]ustained excellence is the hardest thing to achieve in sport and the fact Arsenal has competed at the top of the game in England and Europe throughout the time Arsène has been manager is the ultimate testimony to his consistency of performance, talent and ambition.

“We are delighted with the FA Cup success which has added to his already outstanding record. Under his guidance we look forward to adding more trophies in future seasons.”

With Alex Ferguson having said his goodbyes to football management, and the old revolving door management metaphor providing a grim tale of short-tempered club owners, Wenger’s decades-long position as Arsenal manager makes him one of the few shining examples of a club’s long-term strategy paying off. A few more trophies would be nice, like, but you can’t win ‘em all. Unless you were in that 2004 squad that is.

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