The downfall of Liverpool? A curried goal and Andy Carroll

Newcastle’s march to the promised land of the Europa League continued with a hilarious victory over Liverpool, and apparently a curried goat is behind it all.

The downfall of Liverpool? A curried goal and Andy Carroll

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April 2nd, 2012

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Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has claimed that a goat enjoyed by his squad on Friday as part of an African theme day in the St James’ canteen is what powered Cisse to his two-goal performance against Liverpool on Sunday.

“It was Cisse’s best performance yet for us,” said Pardew. “We all had curried goat on Friday and delicious it was too. It was Africa Day and we enjoyed it. The curry helped!”

It’s not the first time that the diet of Newcastle’s Senegalese strike duo has been in the spotlight, with Demba Ba previously revealing that strawberry syrup is the reason for his goal scoring exploits.

But what for Liverpool and in particular, Andy Carroll, who did his level best to remove any lingering doubt over who got the better deal out of his £35m transfer to Anfield.

Of course, Kenny Dalglish was on hand to add a touch of comedy, this time claiming that Carroll didn’t dive for a penalty in the first half and that, in fact, he had tripped whilst performing a routine ‘go around the goalkeeper’ move – an explanation which in no way opens up the £35m striker up for ridicule.

And Pepe Reina will now have the chance to watch the Grand National after getting himself sent off for putting his head near James Perch’s – meaning that he’ll miss, amongst other things, the FA Cup semi-final with Everton.



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