The Anfield Cat, and other football animals

There's no doubt what the highlight of Liverpool's dreary MNF clash with Tottenham was. No, not the return of a very naughty Uruguayan. The highlight we're taking about was the debut of the Anfield cat, who joins a growing list of famous football stadium creatures.

The Anfield Cat, and other football animals

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February 6th, 2012

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The Anfield Cat

To start off proceedings, we’ll look at the aforementioned Anfield cat, who in 20 seconds showed far greater willingness to go towards  goal than Andy Carroll ever has whilst wearing a red shirt.

The Highbury Squirrel

The Highbury Squirrel was something of a legend at Arsenal’s old home, making frequent appearances at the famous old ground, most famously at the last ever European match to be played at Highbury against Villarreal.

The rodent hasn’t been seen since Arsenal moved over to the Emirates, although squirrels have been spotted at the New Wembley. Our researchers are trying to work out whether the Highbury scamp has found a new home across North London.

The Croke Park Dog

It’s football of sorts – Ireland vs Australia in an international rules football thing (think Gaelic football v Aussie rules). Here, play is interrupted by a Jack Russel Terrier, who infiltrates the field and spends minutes attempting to steal the ball. For all we know, this could be in the rules.

The Parkhead Fox

It wasn’t a good night for Celtic fans in March 1994. Unhappy at the club’s financial plight and poor SPL performances, the Parkhead faithful were expecting another night of protests and disgruntlement. So when a cunning fox cunningly evaded Celtic security, it brought at least some cheer to the first half.

The Cape Town Bird

Do you remember England’s woeful performance against Algeria? You know, the one where Wayne Rooney thought that it was wrong for people who’d flown thousands of miles to suggest that he’d not tried hard enough? Yeah, we do too – unfortunately.

The one bright spark of that game happened to be a bird nestling on the one place that it would never be disturbed – the goal that England were attacking.

The Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez Owl

We’ll warn you now that this isn’t for the faint hearted! When an injured owl found itself injured on the pitch, Deportivo Pereira defender Luis Moreno wanted to encourage it to fly away. What he actually did was kick it 10ft in the air. The owl unfortunately died shortly afterwards from stress.

Moreno was fined $560 by the Colombian FA and banned for two games.

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