Ryanair introducing new £5 ‘match delay’ fee?

There are lots of people in the world who have a bad thing to say about Ryanair. Whether it's those sneaky charges, the minimal legroom or the £5 sandwiches, someone, somewhere, is having a good moan.

Ryanair introducing new £5 ‘match delay’ fee?

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February 1st, 2012

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But where most of us will moan all the way to landing in Alicante or simply fly another airline, one man at Goodison took it a step further.

One fan, believed to be John Foley from Merseyside, handcuffed himself to the goal post during the first half of Everton’s victory over Manchester City wearing an anti-Ryanair T-shirt.

The Liverpool Echo reports that the very same Mr Foley staged another Ryanair protest by standing on the roof of Liverpool airport back in February 2010. His grievance seems to be over his daughter’s dismissal as cabin crew for the airline, although we suspect that this is taking supportive parenting a little too far.

Proving that Premier League grounds have thought of absolutely everything, a pair of bolt cutters were on hand to free the individual in question and hand him over to the care of the Merseyside constabulary.

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