Rooney brags over Community Shield victory

They may have relied on a last minute winner in injury time, but Wayne Rooney believes that Manchester United had “shown City who’s boss” in the Traditional Season Curtain raiser™ at Wembley.

Rooney brags over Community Shield victory

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August 8th, 2011

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After kindly gifting their noisy neighbours a 2-0 lead in the Community Shield, United pulled it back with goals from Chris Smalling and Nani, before the Portuguese winger pounced on some lackadaisical defending deep into Fergie time to win the ever-so-important Traditional Season Curtain raiser™.

Cue lots of posturing and chest thumping from both camps, with Rooney showing great humility in victory and in no way attempting to rile the opposition following the success.

“This shows who the best team is,” he claimed. “All game we dominated. The difference the young lads made was outstanding. We never know when a game is finished. We took them apart. The scoreline is deserved. We’re champions and we’re the team to beat. We want to prove that.”

The reaction from the opposite dressing room took more of the ‘stick your fingers in your ear and go “la la la, we’re not listening”’ approach, with Joleon Lescott suggesting that the Traditional Season Curtain raiser™ might not be that important after all.

“We would have liked to win it. But no disrespect, our season is bigger than the Community Shield,” he pointed out.

“It won’t affect us negatively. We can take a defeat on the chin and we won’t dwell on it, like we don’t dwell on our victories too much.

Micah Richards took a slightly different approach, using the tried and tested “this could be a blessing in disguise” line.

“It was very disappointing,” said Richards. “As much as it pains me to say it, United were the better team.

“It’s an outstanding time to be at City with the way things are going. It’s exciting. But it was a bit of a wake-up call for us.

“People know what we can do but maybe we got a little bit ahead of ourselves.”

Does yesterday’s result matter? Well, United were cut by most bookies from a general 15/8 to a general 7/4 overnight to win the Premier League whilst the bookies have barely touched City’s price, Bodog currently offering a best of 9/2. Read into that what you will.

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