Liverpool manager denies causing trouble with Luis Suarez shirts

Many were surprised to see the Liverpool squad wearing t-shirts emblazoned with a picture of Luis Suarez before the Reds’ goalless draw at Wigan on Wednesday night, with the players and manager coming out in support of the Uruguayan after his racism charge earlier in the week.

Liverpool manager denies causing trouble with Luis Suarez shirts

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December 23rd, 2011

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Liverpool have been heavily criticised for the t-shirts which followed on from an ill-judged statement that appeared on the official club website where the Merseyside club effectively took the FA to task for the eight-game ban.

However, Kenny Dalglish feels as though no damage has been caused by these measures and feels as though Suarez needs as much support as possible at this difficult time.

“The statement couldn’t have caused anyone any trouble and I don’t think the players have caused any trouble with the FA either by their statement or support by their T-shirts,” said the Scot.

“If we are not in any trouble we will leave it at that before we do get in any trouble.”

Liverpool are preparing their response to the Suarez verdict and seem almost certain to appeal against the ruling, with Dalglish looking forward to receiving the official report.

“Most of the people have had their say, we’ve had our say but we will wait for the judgement and take it from there – but it won’t be tomorrow.

“The club have issued the statement, the players have issued their statement visually and verbally, but we have to wait for the written report because no-one knows [what it contains].

“At this moment in time I don’t think the club are permitted to go into any further detail than they have done.”

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