Kenny Dalglish – Pure TV Gold

Kenny Dalglish is the gift that keeps on giving isn’t he? You just can’t help but fall in love with his TV rants.

Kenny Dalglish – Pure TV Gold

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March 26th, 2012

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To date we’ve had the feisty Scotsman suggesting to us that Liverpool in no way shape or form mishandled the whole Luis Suarez / Patrice Evra thing. He then went on to suggest that a player found guilty of racially abusing another player should never have been banned at all, even though his club never formally challenged the decision. He later compounded that by going all “Arsene Wenger” and looking completely shocked at the notion that Luis Suarez failed to shake the hand of another player.

Yes, Kenny really does know how to make himself look like a bit of a numpty when you point a camera in his face – and he was bang on form as Liverpool hilariously lost to Wigan Athletic at the weekend.

“Every single one of them is capable of passing to someone in the same colour shirt but I think the toll of three games in six days took the edge off them a little bit,” Kenny claimed.

“If you play Sunday-­Wednesday-Saturday, it is going to take its toll and a lot of the lads have played three games.

“For us, that would be a reasoning behind our own ­performance.”

He was, of course, talking about his team of players who have not had any sort of involvement in European competition and have played significantly fewer games than clubs considerably higher than them in the table.

Oh, and the decision to disallow a goal that was clearly pushed into the goal by Luis Suarez’s hand was also a factor, claimed Kenny.

“There was no reason for the referee to chalk off that goal. It hit him on the shoulder – that’s what I thought. We can’t control the referee – only ourselves,” he twittered.

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