Into the loving arms of Neil Warnock….

You might say that Neil Warnock is something of a ‘Marmite’ character. Rarely can you accuse him of mincing his words and rarely can you accuse him of being dull when it comes to TV interviews, but there’s no denying that not everyone is a fan of his no nonsense, “call it as you see it”, South Yorkshire style.

Into the loving arms of Neil Warnock….

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September 26th, 2011

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Armand Traore probably falls into that category now, after he picked up a second yellow for a stupid and pointless lunge at Marc Albrighton as QPR fought back to claim a 1-1 draw with Aston Villa on Sunday.

If Traore was expecting some sort of warm embrace from his manager after receiving his marching orders, the sort that he would have probably enjoyed from former boss Arsene Wenger, then he was in for a bit of a shock. Instead, the French winger was hauled back by his manager and asked, in no uncertain terms, to explain just what was going through his head when he decided to lunge at a player in a non-threatening position whilst his team was 1-0 down and he was on a yellow card.

Whilst Warnock could have been forgiven for launching a trademark rant at official Michael Oliver, given that the first yellow was a bit on the harsh side, the Hoops boss continued to lay into his own player in the post-match interviews, branding Traore as “thick and naive”.

“I just thought he was a disgrace,” said Warnock. “I will fine him as much as I possibly can.

“I told him to his face ‘you’ve let me down and you’ve let the team down’.

“As an opposition player when you are winning 1-0 away from home, that is what you want. I just think he was a bit thick and naive.

“I said to him ‘when we’re playing at Fulham next week what are you going to be doing?’ But he is learning. He is a good player and will be an even better one after that.”

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