“Hello, Police? The neighbours are at it again!”

The neighbours had been a little quiet lately. Sir Alex could have had some peace from the racket being made by the chaps down the road. Unfortunately, they’ve woken up again – and they’re noisier than ever.

“Hello, Police? The neighbours are at it again!”

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May 1st, 2012

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Yes, Manchester City won the Monday Night Football Manchester Mega Derby, with a Vincent Kompany goal putting them top of the Premier League on goal-difference with only two games left to play.

Ferguson, who when previously asked whether City could be top dogs in Manchester responded, “not in my lifetime”, now has to rely on City dropping points in their remaining fixtures, although City do have a tricky trip to Newcastle on Saturday so there’s still enough for Sky Sports to hype about.

The result means that United are now a best of 2/1 to win the Premier League whilst City have plummeted to a best of 1/2 with BlueSQ and William Hill. That will probably all change once City have got through their clash with Newcastle however, given that you’d expect them to run up a cricket score against QPR on the final day.

Naturally, both managers are saying that the other side are favourites for the title, with Roberto Mancini claiming “It’s a great victory but we have two difficult games left and United have two easy games,” referring to United’s clashes against Swansea and Sunderland – two sides that are just playing for fun.

Mancini said: “We now have the chance for the title in our hands. Manchester United are still favourites. Swansea and Sunderland [United’s opponents] have nothing to play for. I am very happy that we are top but it doesn’t change anything. Football is crazy.”

Ferguson on the other hand, admitted: “They are in the driving seat and we are up against it. They only need to win two more games and they win the league.”

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