Harry’s last ever car window interview?

Is this the last time that we’ll ever see Harry Redknapp hanging out of his car window? What will Sky Sports News’ intrepid reporter in the Spurs Lodge car park do now?

Harry’s last ever car window interview?

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June 15th, 2012

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‘Arry gave his first ever interview as ‘former Tottenham Manager’ from the window of his Range Rover yesterday, in which he didn’t once use the word “triffic” once.

In it, he does however go on record as thanking Chairman Daniel Levy for his support during the whole “court thing”, looked back on his “fantastic years” at the club, saved a camera crew from being run over by a bus and predicted big things for the current Spurs side.

So, for old times, sake, here is what could possibly be Harry’s last ever car window interview – until he calls at the drive-thru.

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