Fooling footballers? That’s magic!

Here are FootballScores, we’re generally of the belief that it probably isn’t too difficult to pull the wool over a professional footballers eyes. After all, we did end up watching Rio Ferdinand’s World Cup wind-ups show a few years back.

Fooling footballers? That’s magic!

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October 5th, 2011

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It seems that Premier League sponsors, Barclay’s, are of a similar opinion, if their Youtube channel is anything to go by. They’ve recruited street magician Dynamo to go around bamboozling Premier League stars in between training sessions with his brand of mind bogging card tricks and mind-reading witchcraft.

One such victim of Rio’s antics in his ridiculous TV show was then teammate and Mancunian envoy to Merseyside, Gary Neville. Dynamo, presumably thinking that the now Sky Sports pundit would be a relatively easy victim.

And Mr Dynamo appears to have been right, given how much the bleep machine was needed.

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