Everton manager disgusted by Blackburn supporters chanting

It was disturbing to watch the Blackburn Rovers v Bolton Wanderers match on Tuesday night and see the home supporters intent on calling for the manager’s head rather than trying to support their football team.

Everton manager disgusted by Blackburn supporters chanting

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December 22nd, 2011

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Steve Kean is deeply unpopular among the Rovers supporters, although the Scot remains in charge of Blackburn despite his team losing against their relegation rivals which leaves them bottom of the Premier League.

Several managers have rallied around Kean in the past few days and Everton manager David Moyes believes the treatment of his counterpart is deeply unfair and that the fans should lay off with their abusive treatment.

Moyes said: “I walked out at half-time. I couldn’t believe the criticism they gave their manager.

“If they had supported the team as well as they had shouted at their manager I think the team might have got a result in the game.

“I am a football manager and it could quite easily happen to me. I was disgusted with how football supporters treated Steve.

“The only way I could show it was by leaving at half-time.”

Moyes believes that the absent owners are to blame for the mess in which the club find themselves and hopes that they will now act upon the situation.

The Scot said: “Steve stood on the touchline the whole night and took the barracking, never hid from it.

“He was big enough to stand there and take it and that says a lot about him.

“But sometimes on these occasions the owners need to step forward and be seen – come out and tell people exactly what is happening so the supporters are aware of it”.

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