Chelsea manager denies falling out with Frank Lampard

Andre Villas-Boas might not be manager of Chelsea for much longer and the next few days are vitally important for the Portuguese manager, with his team travelling to The Hawthorns on Saturday before a Champions League clash with Napoli next week.

Chelsea manager denies falling out with Frank Lampard

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March 2nd, 2012

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There are rumours about Roman Abramovich giving Villas-Boas the sack at the end of the season, while it also appears that senior players in the Chelsea squad are disillusioned and that includes Frank Lampard who recently stated that the relationship between the two men is far from ideal.

“It’s just a manager-player relationship in the end,” Villas-Boas said. “Frank’s words are genuine. They are genuine from a player that has a reflection of a relationship between us. For me, it’s fine, I have no problems with it.

“I have to choose the team and I try to choose the best team for every single game. It hasn’t involved Frank a couple of times but it doesn’t mean I have a personal problem with him. His own interpretation of the relationship is his own but I have no problem with it and I explained it to him. They are decisions I have to take for the benefit of the team, always.”

The media do seem to have an obsession with the manager’s decision not to play Lampard for particular matches, while the supporters also seem unhappy by the England international’s lack of game time.

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