Bookie pays out on United

Is the title race over? It seems so according to Betfred – they’ve paid out already on United as champions.

Bookie pays out on United

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April 4th, 2012

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Beating a certain Irish bookmaker to the punch in the “get some sizeable PR for paying out early on the Premier League champions market” stakes, Betfred has handed over around £500,000 to punters who backed United before their victory over Blackburn on Monday night.

The pay-out comes with United holding a five point lead over Manchester City with seven games still to play, including a Manchester derby at the Etihad later this month but nevertheless, United-supporting bookmaker Fred Done has decided to pay out on his beloved team

He said: “Even with the derby to come, a five-point lead is just too much for City, so once again I’m letting my United punters have their dough early to the tune of just over half a million quid.”

Done has been caught out before however, after paying out early on United in 1998 when they were 12 points clear of Arsenal, only for the Gunners to pip them by a point.

“Fergie told me to never pay out early again but he need not worry,” he added. “I’ve not got it wrong this time, United are past the post for a 20th title.”

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