Angry and Confused

To be perfectly frank, we’re getting bored of blogging about Wayne Rooney but it’s the off season, so there isn’t much else for us to talk about.

Angry and Confused

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July 17th, 2013

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Angry and Confused

Wayne has this week claimed that he is “angry and confused” about his situation at Manchester United, which came as a shock to anyone who, like us, thought that “angry and confused” was Wayne’s permanent state of mind.

The source of Wayne’s anger and/or confusion is the inference from David Moyes earlier this week that the new Manchester United manager needs Rooney to stick around – in case anything happens to Robin van Persie.

This statement, as we predicted at the time, hasn’t gone down too well and the chances of Rooney sticking around at Old Trafford are pretty much slim to none.

Not one to normally stick the boot in and score cheap mind-game related points from a situation, Jose Mourinho has decided to stick the boot in and score cheap mind-game related points from the situation, claiming that Rooney sitting on those funny Recaro racing seats in the Old Trafford dugout would be disastrous for England’s hopes of a quarter final penalty shootout defeat in Brazil next summer.

“If Wayne is a second choice for Manchester United, then the national team will be affected,” he smirked.

Things aren’t likely to progress any time soon, with Wayne stuck in Manchester with hamstring ouch and United currently trying to sell T-shirts / prepare for the new season in Australia – which means that we’ll probably have to keep writing about this for a good while yet.

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