And you thought following your team was tough?

So, how was your weekend? Did your team let you down again? Are you slipping ever closer to that drop zone? Well don’t worry – it could be much worse.

And you thought following your team was tough?

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March 12th, 2012

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Relegation battles, clubs sliding into administration and your best players being sold for a pittance are tough enough but, for one supporter yesterday, his team clearly pushed him over the edge?

“What did they do?” I hear you ask. Well, his team lost a tricky away tie by a goal to nil to put them second in the Premier League, one point behind their title rivals, with ten games still to go. OH THE HORROR!

Somebody put their arm around this poor sole. If only the supporters of around 88 other league clubs could understand this poor man’s pain.

If City don’t buck their ideas up soon, he might not even be able to buy those Champions League badges to iron onto his shirt and then who knows what state he’ll be in? We’ve put The Samaritans on standby, just in case.

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