Paul Ince wants a ‘manager transfer window’

Although that Burnley fan who applied for and was granted an interview for the Blackburn job on the strength of his video game record might not agree, recent calls for job security within the managerial side of the game have been given further voice today, with current Blackpool boss Paul Ince suggesting a ‘transfer window’ for managers.

Paul Ince wants a ‘manager transfer window’

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March 27th, 2013

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Ince’s own reign at Blackburn Rovers lasted 177 days; one of the shortest Premier League managerial spells at the time, it’s now looked upon by a series of his doomed successors as practically forever.

And now, speaking to BBC Radio Lancashire ahead of a game against his former club, Ince has spoken out against the harsh future that would face any players looking to make that step up to club management.

“Why would the Steven Gerrards and the Jamie Carraghers want to go into management when there’s no protection for them?” he lamented. “…where’s the protection for them if they’re getting sacked after 67 days?”

“That’s what disappoints me with the Blackburn situation. It’s OK that we can protect players because they’re on contracts. We can sell them in January, and if they don’t want to go, they stay.”

His comments add fuel to the fire sparked by LMA chief Richard Bevan who branded the firing spree of the season so far “embarrassing”.

Ince’s concerns will doubtless be shared by any manager under fire as the English football season heads into the final straight this Easter.

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