Paris Saint-Germain manager slams Serge Aurier ahead of Chelsea match

Laurent Blanc fuming after Aurier makes disrespectful comments regarding Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Paris Saint-Germain manager slams Serge Aurier ahead of Chelsea match

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February 15th, 2016

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It’s safe to say Serge Aurier won’t be featuring against Chelsea on Tuesday night, with the Ivorian in hot water at Paris Saint-Germain following some remarkable comments regarding manager Laurent Blanc and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Aurier was interviewed through Periscope on Sunday night and amazingly described Blanc as a “faggot”, while the defender also claimed that the PSG manager favours Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the dressing room.

Even though the 23-year-old has apologised for his comments, it is clear that he has incurred the wrath of Blanc and it might be some time before the player features again.

Blanc was asked about the incident at his pre-match briefing at Parc des Princes. “How did I react? Very badly. Very badly,” he said. “Because we think whatever we like – this is a democracy and we are free to think about things, have our opinions – but that boy …

“Two years ago, I committed myself to bring him to Paris, so to see what I saw yesterday … that’s the thanks I get? It’s pitiful. I won’t say more because I’m here to talk about the Chelsea game, a very important match, but he has penalised himself. He should have been preparing for a last-16 round game in the Champions League. That would have been better than staying at home not knowing what to do with himself. It’s bad for him but what I won’t accept is that he’s damaged the club.”

Blanc added: “The player is a big boy. He can do what he wants and handle the consequences but he has penalised the club: through the image he’s put out there and what he said. I know this new generation of players and many of them spend their time feeling sorry for themselves and apologising for things they’ve done – but perhaps they should be thinking about what they’re saying rather than looking to apologise.”

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