Oh Jimmy Kebe – You wacky funster

If there are two things that don’t mix, it’s footballers and Twitter. Latest in a long list of cases in point is Reading’s Jimmy Kebe.

Oh Jimmy Kebe – You wacky funster

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January 25th, 2013

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With Newcastle currently trying to sign up anyone who has a remotely French accent, there was considerable shock when Reading winger Jimmy Kebe posted on Twitter: “On my way to Newcastle, having medical then sign a four-year contract.”

Within seconds of the tweet going live, football message boards were flooded with comment and speculation on Newcastle’s next apparent signing. Sky Sports News immediately (probably) dispatched a news crew to Berkshire to conduct an interview with someone through a car window.

But things took a weird twist when the official Reading Twitter feed then read “Jimmy Kebe, He jokes when he wants #readingfc”.

Now, because journalists only bother to use Twitter as their main source for news these days, everyone was confused. Is this another player inadvertently letting the cat out of the bag or is their something much, much weirder going on?

Well, all was revealed shortly after when Kebe re-emerged to post the following:

“Oops I thought if you’re French and play football you pop into Newcastle and sign a contract? Not a chance of leaving #LoveReadingFC#.”

Watch out for news of a Twitter ban being enforced at Reading in the coming days.

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