Mock the Transfer Deadline Day

Today is Transfer Deadline Day and if two things are guaranteed, it is Jim White and an interview with Harry Redknapp through a car window. We think that this day should be celebrated - and we want your help!

Mock the Transfer Deadline Day

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January 31st, 2013

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What better way to celebrate the joy that is brought to us by Jim and ‘Arry by mocking them through the power of the internet?

To do this, we want to see your best Harry and Jim memes. We’ve got a few to get you started but we think that you lot can do better!

To take part, all that you need to do is create your Deadline Day ‘Arry or Jim ‘Deadline Day’ White image and then send it to us through our Facebook Page. It really is that simple.

We’ll post the best ones that we receive on here and on Facebook throughout the day!

Create your images now by clicking:

Deadline Day ‘Arry

Jim ‘Deadline Day’ White

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