Mancini & Balotelli come out swinging

If new pictures from Man City’s training ground are to be believed, the first rule of Fight Club is apparently “grab them by their gaudy orange bib”.

Mancini & Balotelli come out swinging

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January 3rd, 2013

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Pictures have emerged of an apparent bust-up between manager Roberto Mancini and striker Mario Balotelli; in one, Mancini is seen grabbing Balotelli by his training kit, while another shows coaches Massimo Battara and Brian Kidd physically separating the two of them.

The incident is thought to have been sparked by a late tackle from Balotelli on fellow player Scott Sinclair; a series of images shows the manager gesturing his displeasure at the challenge, followed by the two men getting up close and personal.

Mancini will be forced to explain to reporters at a previously-scheduled news conference tomorrow what exactly happened between himself and the rebellious City striker – giving him plenty of time to work on his excuses.

With only three goals in 21 appearances this season, perhaps Mancini could offer up a “tough love” routine to try to get Balotelli into gear. Or, perhaps a little more wildly, the Hollywood rumour mills could charge into life at the prospect of a sequel to the hit movie starring Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Either way, the fractured relationship between the two Italians could just have been blown wide open – with potentially disastrous results for anyone hoping for a mid-season title surge from the Blues.

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