Manchester United striker wants more respect

Romelu Lukaku scored 22nd goal of season against former club Chelsea on Sunday

Manchester United striker wants more respect

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February 26th, 2018

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Manchester United went back to second in the Premier League table on Sunday after beating Chelsea 2-1, with Romelu Lukaku and Jesse Lingard finding the net against the Blues.

Lukaku scored his 22nd goal of the campaign against his former club, with the striker feeling he deserves more credit after a goal-filled campaign following a £70 million move from Everton to Old Trafford.

He said: “I started playing when I was 16. Year in, year out people expect 20 goals from me. I’ve been doing it for 10 years straight so I think I’ve proved myself. You expect a bit more respect but it’s the situation we’re in. I don’t listen to it. I just want to improve and show the people what I can do on the pitch.”

Asked how he might receive more respect, Lukaku said: “If I win. I want to win [trophies]. As long as I win and lead my team to winning that’s when I will be really satisfied. As a football player, I don’t play for the individual. A lot of big players that we recognise today in the game are players who have won something and I want to be [the same]. The road is still far ahead but I’m ambitious and I’ll work every day for my team to win – I’m not thinking about myself.”

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