Manchester United manager warns Gary Neville after “pub team” comment

Gary Neville chided by Louis van Gaal after comparing Manchester United to a pub team

Manchester United manager warns Gary Neville after “pub team” comment

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December 9th, 2014

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Manchester United have produced unconvincing performances for much of the season although it hasn’t stopped them moving to third in the Premier League table and just eight points off the top.

The Red Devils claimed a 2-1 victory at St Mary’s on Monday night thanks to a brace from Robin van Persie, although United had to weather the storm for much of the ninety minutes, with Southampton having several chances to score.

The match mirrored a recent encounter at the Emirates which saw United beat Arsenal 2-1 after being under the cosh for much of the first half and Gary Neville was critical of his former team’s performance.

So too was Louis van Gaal although he also took time to chide Neville for the comments made on Sky Sports where the latter suggested that Sunday’s match against Liverpool would be like watching two pub teams.

“He can say everything because he is an ex-legend. But as an ex-legend … or as a legend, you have to know what you are saying. You can interpret that [as you like]. It’s not difficult. He has to pay attention to his words.”

Neville said on TV: “United got away with murder tonight. They look shot of confidence. United will be delighted to sit third and think they will get better.”

Van Gaal praised the display of Van Persiebut questioned the performance of the majority of players. “He was one of the three players on the pitch of Manchester United who were good or maybe very good. He had a great influence on the result. Very positive,” said Van Gaal.

“Until now it was his best performance. I hope but I have to say I was very pleased with his performance and also his goals. His second was not so easy because the ball was coming towards his right foot and he connected with his left. A nice touch. Normally you have six, seven, eight players who are good. But today there were too many not good, I believe.”

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