Manchester United manager questions Liverpool £75 million signing of Van Dijk

Jose Mourinho critical of Liverpool’s January acquisition after Jurgen Klopp’s previous comments

Manchester United manager questions Liverpool £75 million signing of Van Dijk

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December 29th, 2017

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Liverpool have smashed the world transfer record for a defensive player after news emerged that they would be signing Virgil van Dijk for £75 million in January.

It is an eye-watering amount of money for any player to spend on a defensive player, with Jurgen Klopp clearly identifying the need for a strong acquisition in this department although Jose Mourinho has questioned the signing.

It comes after previous comments from Klopp regarding the £89m capture of Paul Pogba, with the German suggesting that Liverpool would never buy their way to success in the same way that Manchester United are attempting to.

Mourinho has been quick to highlight these comments ahead of United’s forthcoming clash against Southampton, with the Portuguese having the following to say:

“I am not speaking specifically now about that case [Van Dijk] because in Liverpool they do what they want to do and I am nobody to comment on what they do. The reality is that if they think the player is the right player and they really want the player they pay his amount or they don’t have the player because that is the way the market is at that time.

“So when we compare now the amount of money certain managers and clubs spend and try to compare that – I am not saying with 10 years ago – but [even] three years ago it is to compare the impossible. You cannot compare the realities.

“Virgil van Dijk is the most expensive defender in the history of football – was he better than [Paolo] Maldini, [Giuseppe] Bergomi or [Rio] Ferdinand? You cannot say that – it is just the way the market is and you pay or you don’t pay. If you pay obviously you pay a crazy amount but if you don’t you don’t have the player. It is as simple as that, so no criticism at all about what Liverpool did, it is just the way it is.”

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