Manchester United manager defends track record after criticism

Jose Mourinho claims that his tactics work after beating Tottenham last weekend

Manchester United manager defends track record after criticism

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November 3rd, 2017

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Manchester United head to Stamford Bridge on Sunday, with Jose Mourinho’s charmless personality showing itself very clearly at the moment.

The Portuguese has recently been at odds with the United fans regarding the performances of Romelu Lukaku, while several in the media have questioned why his teams are adopting such a defensive approach.

However, Mourinho defended himself from comments along those lines, citing the example of how much damage Spurs have caused opposition teams recently including Real Madrid.

“I know that it is a different way of analysing things for this reason or that reason,” he said.

“But similar performances for some clubs are magic, are examples of brilliant tactics and amazing attitude by the players, and by other teams the same kind of performance becomes conservative, becomes negative, becomes so many adjectives.

“Just as an example, Tottenham beat Liverpool 4-1, Tottenham beat Real Madrid 3-1, Tottenham didn’t score against Manchester United so my players deserve at least a little bit of credit.”

United are likely to adopt a defensive approach when visiting Stamford Bridge on Sunday, with the game likely to feature few goals.

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