Manchester United manager claims Alexis Sanchez completes team

Sanchez’s arrival means Manchester United won’t be looking to sign a forward according to Jose Mourinho

Manchester United manager claims Alexis Sanchez completes team

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February 5th, 2018

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The Manchester United squad is starting to resemble the Harlem Globetrotters in terms of big money signings although Jose Mourinho claims that Alexis Sanchez is the missing piece in the jigsaw.

Romelu Lukaku got off to a flying start for the Red Devils last summer after arriving for £70 million, although United saw fit to bolster the squad’s firepower by signing Sanchez, while Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford are among the other forwards on the books.

“We have Alexis, Lukaku, Martial, Rashford. Rashford can play on the left and the right, Alexis is exactly the same. All of them apart from Lukaku can play from behind as the second striker.

“That’s why I say that it’s bad for you because you like to have things to write and speculate, especially in the summer, but I don’t want attacking players. So don’t speak about attacking players that are coming here because nobody is coming here.

“[For] speculation in the summer you have to go to other areas; attacking players I am really happy. We have to improve not in the quality of the players. We have to improve in the dynamic in the team and in the efficiency because it is a game to score more than two.”

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