Luis Suarez faces lengthy ban over bite-sized hat-trick

Events took a strange turn during last night’s Group D decider, as Uruguayan talisman Luis Suarez once again made headlines for the wrong reasons.

Luis Suarez faces lengthy ban over bite-sized hat-trick

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June 25th, 2014

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The records will show that Suarez got involved in a corner kick which was converted nine minutes from time by Diego Godin, which allowed Uruguay a 1-0 win over Italy which has put them through to round two at their opponents’ expense – but just one minute earlier Suarez had been up to his old tricks, having bitten Giorgio Chiellini in the other penalty area.

Suarez then fell as if he’d been struck himself – but the bite marks in Chiellini’s shoulder blade tell a different story. As he pulled down his shirt to show the ref – who reportedly saw the whole thing but took no action – a Uruguayan player tried to make Chiellini cover it up again before the ref saw.

It’s not even as if this is the third time that any serious incident involving Suarez has made major headlines – he’s on probably his fifth or sixth by now – but it’s the third time that the Liverpool striker has actually bitten an opponent during a match, which is surely something the footballing authorities should be looking into as FIFA opens a disciplinary case against him.

But as the press open up their rulebooks to quote the ‘maximum ban’ possible – two years or 24 international games, whichever happens first – it’s worth noting that the longest ever World Cup ban came for a thrown elbow/broken nose combination, given in 1994 to Mauro Tassotti, for only eight games.

As it’s strike three for Suarez when the previous two bites are brought into question at club level, it could yet prove damaging to the Uruguayan’s career – and with his country’s second round match against Columbia on Saturday night, an urgent case such as this could be seen even before then.

Will Suarez play again at this World Cup?

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