Liverpool midfielder praises “horrible atmosphere” after win over Man City

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain claims he played in best ever atmosphere at Anfield

Liverpool midfielder praises “horrible atmosphere” after win over Man City

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April 6th, 2018

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Liverpool have one foot in the Champions League semi-finals after a 3-0 win over Manchester City, with the Anfield crowd generating a feverish atmosphere for the clash.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was among the scorers on Wednesday night and the midfielder claims that it was the best atmosphere he has ever played in.

“It was an amazing atmosphere, the best I’ve ever played in,” said Oxlade-Chamberlain. “You have to give credit to the fans because it is never nice coming to Anfield and hearing that crowd – I’ve been on the other end of it and it is not easy.

“The fans play a massive part. I’ve never witnessed anything like that. Coming into the stadium for a game which was not a final it almost set it up to be like a final. It definitely got us going and you could see that. If you are the away team and the crowd gets going like that it is horrible.

“City are an amazing football team but they are only human and you put anyone in a pressure environment in an atmosphere like that maybe it can disturb them. I wouldn’t say to the extent it did that because they still played some good stuff and dominated the ball but it definitely played a part in the first half. It got us going and it would probably shake anyone up so you have to give fans credit for that.”

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