Liverpool manager concerned about Luiz Suarez diving reputation

Luis Suarez scored a hat-trick at Norwich to kickstart Liverpool’s season as the Reds triumphed 5-2 against the Canaries, although the Uruguayan was once again fouled in the penalty area only for the referee to wave away penalty appeals.

Liverpool manager concerned about Luiz Suarez diving reputation

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September 30th, 2012

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It has become clear that Suarez has gained something of a reputation for theatrics and this is something that concerns Brendan Rodgers at this early stage of the season. He has already spoken out about Liverpool being on the wrong end of refereeing decisions and hopes his striker doesn’t become a marked man.

“There is that fear,” Rodgers said. “I could tell you about three or four strikers who go down in the box with very minimal contact, and all of them have had penalties this year.

“Everyone in the ground saw it was a penalty. Apart from the referee.

“I can’t worry too much about it. It’s something that hopefully the referees, when they analyse and assess their own performance, will have a look at.

“We just have to concentrate on building our game, developing our football, and hopefully these penalties that we don’t get won’t come back to haunt us.”

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