Liverpool FC unlikely to risk Daniel Sturridge for tonight’s Chelsea match

Sturridge still recovering from injury and unlikely to make LFC bench

Liverpool FC unlikely to risk Daniel Sturridge for tonight’s Chelsea match

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January 27th, 2015

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Liverpool FC will have to contend without Daniel Sturridge this evening after Brendan Rodgers admitted that the team’s star striker wasn’t quite ready to take to the field.

Sturridge has missed most of the season with injury and it appears that his presence at Stamford Bridge will be restricted to the stands despite Rodgers knowing that the striker could have brought a psychological boost to proceedings.

“It’s no good having the psychological threat [of having Sturridge on the bench] if he can’t play,” Rodgers said.

“For us it’s about assessing whether the risk is worth it and, if not, he’ll hopefully be ready by the weekend. It’s important that he’s back training now and the players have done really well without him, recently in particular, so we just have to assess that and see if the risk is worth taking. If he is on the bench that means he can contribute. He’s a top-class player and if he enters the field then we’d hope he could do well for us.

“We respect the opponent because they’re a very good team but we’ve got nothing to fear,” Rodgers said. “We know we can go there and win.

“Chelsea’s result at the weekend does not help us. They will have great motivation and after a game like that you want to put it right, but it will be on their mind. Having been 2-0 up and lost, they will know they can still lose Tuesday’s game whatever the score is. There will be a bit of trepidation there.”

Mourinho stressed the importance of reaching Wembley this season, something that is only possible through the Capital One Cup.

“We need to forget the Bradford game and think about the next one in a different competition,” Mourinho said. “We are one victory from the final, and it is important we reach Wembley. At the end of May we don’t go to FA Cup final. That is for sure. The FA Cup is finished for us.

“We don’t go even to play FA Cup semi-final. So to go there should mean a lot to everyone. It’s a knockout game, a second leg of a semi-final, live or die. Maybe the fact we play against a good team will push us on to a different level of concentration and motivation that, against Bradford, we couldn’t reach.”

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