Liverpool FC signing Mario Balotelli was a last resort, admits Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers admits Liverpool had run out of striker options when signing Balotelli

Liverpool FC signing Mario Balotelli was a last resort, admits Rodgers

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October 3rd, 2014

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Liverpool FC are experiencing something of a setback following a season of highs which saw the Reds go extremely close when it came to winning the Premier League title.

Things have started slowly domestically and the Reds were second best when losing in Switzerland on Tuesday night, with the form of Mario Balotelli under scrutiny as the Italian continues to fire blanks.

Brendan Rodgers had previously ruled out signing Balotelli before the forward arrived at Anfield and he has conceded that the club had run out of striker options when signing the player on transfer deadline day.

“I always said it was about availability and affordability of players,” said Rodgers. “Mario was the one right at the very end who was available for that. I said when he came in that it was a calculated risk and it’s something I have to work on to try to make it work for the team.

“You assess what the group had. We brought in Rickie Lambert as someone who can play some games for us and come off the bench and be an impact player for us in certain games. Daniel is a top Premier League player but has shown during his time here that he does get injuries so we needed to prepare for that. Obviously Fabio Borini looked like he was on his way out [to Sunderland].

“We had attempts for other strikers that didn’t materialise for one reason or another so it left us right at the end of the window with a decision on whether just to go with what we had, when experience told us we were too light, or take a calculated risk on a player who has quality and then could we get it out of him consistently?”

Liverpool came close to signing Loic Remy but appeared to pull the plug on the deal at the last minute, with fans wondering if the Frenchman might have been a better option than the maverick Balotelli.

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