Liverpool FC manager insists Raheem Sterling is going nowhere

Sterling yet to sign a new Liverpool deal although Brendan Rodgers dismisses speculation

Liverpool FC manager insists Raheem Sterling is going nowhere

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April 3rd, 2015

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Liverpool face a struggle to keep hold of a player who is arguably the star talent at Anfield, with Raheem Sterling mulling over his options despite a fresh contract on the table.

Sterling is in no hurry to commit to his current club despite a reported £180,000-a-week deal being offered, with the twenty-year-old having plenty of interested parties when it comes to signing the England international.

However, Brendan Rodgers is adamant that Sterling will remain at the Merseyside club this season, with the Liverpool manager describing the player’s recent BBC interview as a mistake.

“I am quite relaxed about it,” said Rodgers. “He said his ambition is to win trophies and be successful and that’s perfectly aligned with what we want to do.

“This is Liverpool, one of the great clubs in world football, and it’s an honour for him to be playing here. He understands that, and that he has two and a half years left on his contract. He’s not going anywhere in the summer and we will be concentrating on making him the best player we can.

“Liverpool is one of the superpowers of football and the owners have made it clear that money doesn’t come into it. If the club doesn’t want to sell they won’t. If any player left, Raheem or whoever, it would be on the terms of the club. But that’s a long, long way off. It’s about continuing to nurture and develop a young player who has made giant strides.”

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