Liverpool FC manager hoping to keep Steven Gerrard at Anfield

While Frank Lampard looks destined to leave Chelsea at the end of the season, another England midfielder coming towards the end of his playing career looks set to remain at a club where he has spent his entire career.

Liverpool FC manager hoping to keep Steven Gerrard at Anfield

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January 30th, 2013

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Steven Gerrard has made 428 appearances for Liverpool since 1998 and manager Brendan Rodgers recognised what an iconic figure the player has been for the Merseyside club, with the England captain having remained at Anfield despite interest from other teams.

“As yet I don’t believe anything has been done [about a new contract],” the manager said. “Steven and I have spoken a number of times. His feeling the last time we spoke was to get through this season and see how that goes. His focus is on really helping the group to go forward.

“There’s no doubt that between now and the end of this season the contract will be looked at. With each day that goes on you see the real importance he still has to the club. At 32 years of age, he still looks so fit, strong and you can see his influence on the team.

“I can only feed back in terms of his qualities both as a player and as a leader of the club. As a captain he’s been phenomenal. It’s not like they don’t get to know about it. Between now and the end of the season we will have a clear look at that, for sure.

“Steven Gerrard is a unique player. When he came on at Oldham [on Sunday] it was like someone had dropped him from heaven into the game. We went to a totally different level when he came on.

“Unfortunately at this stage I can’t say that without Steven Gerrard we would be alright because I don’t believe we would.

“This is a top, top player who gives so much quality but also enthusiasm.”

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