Liverpool FC manager denies changing Steven Gerrard’s game

He’s housed Stewart Downing at left-back and allowed Andy Carroll to sign for West Ham on loan although Brendan Rodgers today issued a denial that he has put the shackles on club captain Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool FC manager denies changing Steven Gerrard’s game

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November 28th, 2012

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Gerrard has scored twice in all competitions this season and looks to be operating in a deeper role than previous seasons, although the Liverpool FC manager still feels that his captain is a box-to-box player who can make things happen at the right end of the pitch.

“I don’t think there has been a clear change in his game in terms of what I have asked him to do,” the Liverpool manager said. “Steven has always been the player who makes the difference over the years and, OK, he may not have had the goals this season that he has wanted but he has still been effective. There has been nothing more or less I have asked in terms of defensive responsibilities.

“He has had to take on more of a mantel because it is a much younger group. In the past he has played in teams with more experience around him and I think that is the biggest change this year. There is more responsibility on him to look out for the team because of the youthfulness of the team and he has been brilliant. He is a phenomenal player and a great presence for us.”

Gerrard played noticeable deeper for England at Euro 2012 where he operated in a largely defensive midfield capacity although Rodgers insists that the midfielder will score plenty more times for the Merseyside club.

“Look at the very end of the game against Swansea on Sunday,” he said. “The ball comes into the box right at the death and if Daniel Agger heads it back Steven Gerrard is in the box to finish. A lot of that goes unnoticed because he’s not getting that final chance to score.

“In the meantime Steven and the other players are showing a good level of consistency. We just need that wee fraction of good fortune. We could have had another two points from the Everton game and the Swansea game. That’s another four points and we are right there up and about it.”

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