Liverpool FC manager defends touchline antics

Jurgen Klopp can’t guarantee he won’t blow another gasket during a Liverpool match

Liverpool FC manager defends touchline antics

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February 3rd, 2017

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It’s been another gripping Premier League season, with several managers feeling the heat in recent weeks and Arsene Wenger is currently serving a four-match touchline ban after pushing a fourth official towards the end of Arsenal’s 2-1 win against Burnley.

In the past few days, Jurgen Klopp and Jose Mourinho have also played with fire by coming up close and personal with fourth officials and the former might be fortunate to get away with punishment after shouting in the face of Neil Swarbrick on Tuesday night.

It came after Simon Mignolet had saved a Diego Costa penalty, with Klopp apparently telling Swarbrick that his team can’t be beaten despite plenty of evidence to the contrary.

“I can’t give a guarantee that it won’t happen again,” Klopp said. “I could say now that it won’t, but that would be a lie. That’s why there are fines for it. If we go over the top, then give us a fine. It’s right that we should pay the penalty.

“Managers are not by nature the kind of people who want to have a go at the referee. Do you think Arsene Wenger is a person who, when he sees the fourth official, wants to punch him? That’s not how he is and everybody knows it.

“It happens because of the circumstances, not because of the personality.

“Sometimes you can’t control yourself and you say things like, ‘Nobody can beat us.’ I have never heard a more silly sentence, given that we’d lost the three previous matches.

“And as for how I looked when saying it… I was lucky in the way the fourth official reacted and I hope he didn’t get into trouble because of it. His was the reaction of a human being.”

Jose Mourinho was clearly unhappy at the double standards in place considering that he was warned about his conduct during a goalless draw against Hull City.

The Manchester United manager was warned that he needed to stop remonstrating or risk being sent to the stands, with Mourinho quick to point to the example of Klopp the night before.

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