Liverpool FC manager claims his team are strong defensively

Jurgen Klopp rebuffs the idea that Liverpool can’t defend set pieces after 2-1 win over West Brom

Liverpool FC manager claims his team are strong defensively

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October 24th, 2016

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If you think Liverpool have defensive issues, then Jurgen Klopp doesn’t want to hear about it. It’s only October and the German is already losing patience with those who question whether his side can deal with set pieces during a match.

On Saturday, Liverpool led 2-0 when West Brom scored from a corner after the initial ball wasn’t cleared. The majority of goals conceded by the Reds have been from set pieces this term, although Klopp believes that his team are handling things in the right way.

Klopp said: “I’ve heard this a few times and I lose respect when people say this. It’s not important because I don’t have to respect everybody and you can say what you want but I cannot say more. I am not interested. I’m the first who knows about it and we work on it. I’m the coach of this team. I’m pretty close to them. I see all the games from a quite good perspective. I understand all of this and we will see at the end.

“If people say we have some issues with set pieces, how can I say they are wrong? I think 70-80% of the goals we have conceded are from set pieces. But they are all different and we are still working on it and we defended against Manchester United brilliantly. Against West Brom it was so difficult but we have no defensive problem.

“It’s good that people can talk about some things,” he said. “Do you believe that we work on it? There was another team out there and did you see who was in it? It was like they were all my size going in, and they brought on the set-piece specialist who was injured for a long time [Brunt]. It is really lucky that it is against us he can come on the pitch in the second half. They are brilliant at set pieces.

“It is not the same problem we had last year. I like it more than if they created chances whenever they want because we defend like crazy. I’m fine with this for the moment but only for the moment. For now I don’t care how we conceded as we won and it was well-deserved.”

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