Liverpool FC defender hits out at Brendan Rodgers and praises Klopp

Alberto Moreno a happier bunny now that Jurgen Klopp has replaced Rodgers at Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC defender hits out at Brendan Rodgers and praises Klopp

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October 30th, 2015

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Liverpool head to Stamford Bridge on Saturday hoping to stop the champions, with Alberto Moreno having been restored to the Reds defence following the arrival of Jurgen Klopp.

Moreno found himself overlooked by Brendan Rodgers earlier in the season, with Joe Gomez being preferred in the left-back position for the first few matches, although the Spaniard has been a regular fixture since Klopp took charge.

The full-back admits that he felt angry after being frozen out of the team by Rodgers and points out that there’s a good deal of difference between the new boss and his predecessor.

“He talks with me a lot. I feel he trusts me. He spends a lot of time with me. He really wants me to learn English as quickly as possible so he can get his ideas over. I have to brush up on my English!

“At the moment Lucas Leiva is acting as the translator for me. I am studying English for one or two hours a day four times a week but it’s a bit boring. But the fact he has spent so much time with me, I think, shows up in good performances on the field. He tells me to get forward, to be attack-minded.

“When I am defending, he tells me to be aggressive and stay tight to the person that I am marking. When I am going forward, don’t be scared or play with tension. Be relaxed.

“I perhaps felt that he didn’t have quite so much confidence in me, certainly at the start of the season,” Moreno says. “He told me I was training hard but then I didn’t feature for those first five games. He said to me that it was still early in the season and that my opportunity would come but after the first game against Stoke, when we kept a clean sheet, he said he wasn’t going to change anything defensively at that point. But he did say the chance would come.

“It never entered my head that I was going to leave, I am staying here, that is for sure, but I was angry when I was out the team. I had this inner anger, a rage almost. I felt I was playing well, training well. He told me that I was training well but I couldn’t see why I wasn’t getting a chance at the beginning of the season.”

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