“Lionel Messi protected by league and media” claims Filipe Luis

Does Messi receive special treatment by the authorities?

“Lionel Messi protected by league and media” claims Filipe Luis

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Glen Laidlaw

March 8th, 2016

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Filipe Luis has made the claim that Barcelona’s Lionel Messi receives special treatment from the media and the league, a claim which was made in response to Luis’ red card which was shown to the Atletico Madrid defender during the meeting between the sides back in January.

Luis was judged to have made a knee-high challenge on Messi in that match and while the former Chelsea player admitted that the red-card decision was correct, the fact that the foul was against Lionel Messi meant that it proved to be a bigger deal and more was made of the tackle.

“I admit it was a red card, the referee wasn’t wrong. I sought the ball but very aggressively, with a high foot, and Leo was there. It was a fair red, I left the pitch, served a ban and that’s it,” Luis said to the Spanish media.

“It’s a phase of play which happens in every game, but it happened on Messi. He’s protected by the Press and by the League. I believe they don’t want one of their best players of all time to be injured and not play. Still, I slept easily because I didn’t want to hurt him at any time.

“I approach every game with the same intensity and try not to be so aggressive in games like these. Many players enter the pitch just to change shirts, but I don’t. If you give Messi a metre, he’ll snatch the ball and leave you behind. My objective is to be intense so he can’t do anything.”

Barcelona enjoy an eight-point lead at the top of La Liga, Atletico Madrid sitting second in the table and Real Madrid currently some twelve points behind the leaders.


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