A nice slice with Di Canio

To thank volunteers for their tireless work at the County Ground this weekend, Swindon Town manager Paolo Di Canio hit the Hut and treated some 200 people to pizza.

A nice slice with Di Canio

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January 21st, 2013

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On Friday afternoon it appeared as though the Robins’ home game against Shrewsbury Town would be called off due to the previous snowfall, which had completely covered the pitch. But after putting out the word for volunteers – and picking up a shovel himself – Di Canio was gratified to see his call answered by almost four times as many people as expected on Friday night.

“When we decided to order the pizza there were about 60 people but then it became over 200,” he told BBC local radio. “It wasn’t enough because in one minute they had finished the pizza.”

Only five other games survived the conditions – but Di Canio was happy to see the team repay the fans’ endeavours with a hard-fought 2-0 win.

“What they have done is amazing and I can’t mention every single name but I had a chat with a few of them. We didn’t play fantastic, like we have in the past, but we won and it’s a present for them.”

DI Canio’s dedication reached just as fanatical heights two weeks ago when, after being advised that there were no funds available, he offered to pay the wages of three key loan players himself rather than see them return to their parent clubs.

“When I die I will have a bit less money,” he mused, “but will have the victory as a manager.”

And after threatening his players ahead of Saturday’s match with a 5am wake-up call for training on Sunday morning if they did not perform, the Italian will no doubt be pleased that the team met his hopes.

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Posted by Michael T on

When the club doubles your salary from 250k to 500k when you threaten to leave you usually find you have some spare cash floating around for pizzas!
He should not be blackmailing the club especially when they are supposed to be skint

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