Laudrup re-signs for Swansea

No, not resigns from; re-signs for. There's a big difference - especially where the wages will be concerned.

Laudrup re-signs for Swansea

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March 8th, 2013

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After masterminding another successful season in south Wales, the Great Dane Michael Laudrup has expressed his intent to continue winning ways with the Swans by signing a deal which will keep him at the club as manager until June 2015.

This three-year extension solidifies the young manager’s reputation and his achievements so far at the club, which has won its first major silverware of its 100-year history when they soundly thrashed Bradford City at Wembley to lift the Capital One Cup last month. Such displays were thought to be mere flights of fantasy only a decade ago – but with this success comes the reward so richly deserved by Laudrup.

The news comes only days after chairman Huw Jenkins admitted that there was a “succession plan” in place should Laudrup choose to take up one of the many reported offers received in recent weeks – with Real Madrid reportedly interested in signing him up; Laudrup recently topped a Real fans’ poll which asked who should succeed Jose Mourinho. Jenkins attributed the club’s recent success to such firm planning.

“I think the fact that we run our club a certain way makes it easier to narrow down the hundreds of players and managers.

“And it’s not easy to find the right person with the right personality to suit the club at that time.

“Because whatever happens to Michael Laudrup, whether it’s two years time or five years time when he leaves our club, it’s going to be a big position to fill and we need to be ready for that.”

Laudrup is the sixth manager to serve under Jenkins; at the moment he’s there to stay and can now focus on improving matters on the pitch; the Swans are eighth in the Premier League and are confirmed entrants in next season’s Europa League with the cup win.

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