Jose Mourinho called Jonas Olsson a ‘Mickey Mouse’ player on Saturday

Last Saturday, the West Brom players were seething after the final whistle at Stamford Bridge, having led Chelsea 2-1 until Ramires fell in the penalty area to win the Blues a penalty.

Jose Mourinho called Jonas Olsson a ‘Mickey Mouse’ player on Saturday

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November 14th, 2013

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Eden Hazard duly converted the spot kick and it appears that there were some unsavoury scenes in the tunnel following the match, with Jonas Olsson clashing with Jose Mourinho.

It had previously been reported that Mourinho had called the West Brom defender a ‘Mickey Mouse’ player and this has now been confirmed by the Swede who was clearly irate that Steven Reid had been penalised for something seemingly innocuous.

“Yes [Mourinho called me a Mickey Mouse player] but I don’t want to comment any further. I think that’s enough,” Olsson said at a press conference ahead of Sweden’s World Cup play-off match against Portugal.

Asked about claims the Chelsea kit man had then told him he should play in Mickey Mouse ears, he said: “I don’t really want to comment on that either. That is up to him.”

He added: “It was a game which ended with two disappointed teams. We felt that we had done enough to win but the verdict went against us. They felt some things had gone against them. It was a bit messy on the way to the changing rooms.

“What happened last weekend feels very unimportant now. The important thing for me now is to put in a good performance in Lisbon (on Friday).”

Mourinho had claimed after the match that the referee was right to point to the penalty spot in the dying seconds of the game, although the general consensus is that Ramires went down rather easily in the box which led to the spot kick.

Indeed, West Brom’s chairman has actually urged the Premier League to debate whether video technology should be used for key decisions after the dubious penalty award.

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