England bore Spain into submission

OK, we admit it, we fully expected England get their collective backsides smacked by Spain and they didn’t. Yep, a fortuitous goal in an uninspired, defensive performance means that 2012 “will DEFINITELY be England’s year” ™

England bore Spain into submission

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November 14th, 2011

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In fact, some bookies were so convinced that 2012 “will DEFINITELY be England’s year” ™, they cut Fabio Capello’s from 12/1 to 10/1 over the weekend.

How did England beat the world’s number one side? Well, not through playing football, that’s for sure. At least, that’s what Spain’s David Silva and Cesc Fabregas thought, as well as anyone who tuned into events at Wembley in the hope of being entertained.

“They were sat back, all of the team, defending for their lives and the only way they could score was with a rebound,” sobbed Silva. “We had chances to score but we just couldn’t quite get it over the line. To be honest we were surprised at quite how defensive England were, but we have to accept that playing that way enabled them to beat us.

“That kind of approach is now happening in every game. This is how every team that faces us lines up. They are getting everyone behind the ball, very narrow and very deep, and if they can sneak a goal like England did here, on a rebound or a set-piece, it can make life very hard for us.”

Cesc echoed similar sentiments, although he strangely suggested that England would have demonstrated a previously unseen attacking guile had his former teammate, Jack Wilshire, been in the side.

“We saw two very different styles of teams,” Fábregas said. “One defensive, and one trying to play football and trying to score goals. In the end the one trying to score goals didn’t and the one not trying did. So it was a very weird game.

“It’s difficult to say who played well for England. They were defending basically the whole game. Normally England don’t play like that when Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere are available but unfortunately they were without a few players and maybe it was an obligation to play like that.

“Overall England are a very solid team and, if they have Jack back, it will make a massive difference to this team. He is the one with the talent to make things happen and on Saturday we didn’t see this really.”

Next up, England are at Wembley on Tuesday night to face Sweden, against whom we will see even further proof that 2012 “will DEFINITELY be England’s year” ™.

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