Deliberate or fluke? Lansbury’s strike against Belgium

The morning after the night before, and we’re going to gloss over the fact that a 3-2 score line completely flattered England against a Netherlands side that were so far ahead of them technically that it was genuinely frightening. Instead, we’re going to look the positive news that is the England U21s.

Deliberate or fluke? Lansbury’s strike against Belgium

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March 1st, 2012

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Yes, the next crop of players that will ultimately disappoint English football fans with international performances that confirm that, in England, we’re just not that good at football, put in a very impressive performance against Belgium U21s, just before the seniors took to the field.

In a 4-0 win that now puts them seven points clear at the top of their Euro 2013 qualifying group and a practical shoe-in for the play-offs.

The highlight however was undoubtedly this goal from Henri Lansbury. As one disgraced TV commentator said: “Tikka boo son!”

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