A politican convinces FIFA that there’s nothing political about a poppy

In an attempt to prove that a poppy was not in any way a political symbol, the FA called upon a politician to write a very nasty letter to a portly man in Switzerland. The result? A pointless compromise in the poppygate saga.

A politican convinces FIFA that there’s nothing political about a poppy

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November 10th, 2011

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David Cameron decided that the best use of his time was not to address a rather serious issue about the UK Border Agency deciding not to check the credentials of various visitors to Britain, some of whom may or may not have been the ‘undesirable’ type, but instead, to deal with the critical issue of England’s players not being allowed to have a small flower ironed onto their shirts as they get a footballing lesson from Spain.

FIFA’s issue is that they want to preserve the “neutrality” of football by banning any form of political or religious symbols. They don’t’ seem to have a problem with England singing a song about a deity saving a monarch before every match, Germany sing a song about how German women, wine and song shall retain the world and Americans signing a song about destroying British naval ships, but poppies? Oh no! We can’t have that!

However, rules are rules and quite why the English FA (and, in the interest of balance, the Welsh FA) haven’t had a problem with the rule in the many previous years that it has been in force is anyone’s guess. We’re sure however that it has absolutely nothing to do with the results of a vote about 11 months ago. Still, Mr Cameron has flown in to save the day and now, thanks to his political genius over all non-political symbols, England, Wales and Scotland are now allowed to wear a black armband with a picture of a poppy on it.

But still, the whole matter can now be put to bed, the Daily Mail can find something else to bleat about and the real business of England being embarrassed by a team that is far superior to them in every facet can begin. Thank heavens for that.

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